About Us

Alta Via Consulting's practice focuses on management processes that include blueprinting, planning, analysis, control and decision support tools to meet our customers costing needs. We thrive on addressing specific challenges related to advanced cost management, highlighting solutions and best practices to help managers achieve their optimization objectives.

Our consultants are passionate about adding value to each project, bringing to the client a greater understanding, and transparency of their business processes. This allows the client to become more responsive to business changes and thus more profitable.

Whether the path to success requires an integrated ERP solution, a stand-alone modeling tool, or enhancements to existing functionality – Alta Via’s forte is to serve as solution architects to prove there is ‘a better use of information’.

      • Corporate Office (USA): +1.877.258.2842 / info@altavia.com
      • Chicago Office: +1.708.448.4059 / cjackiw@altavia.com
      • Germany Office: +49.622.781.4804 / info@altavia.de
      • South Africa Office: +27.11.483.3095 / rduminy@altavia.com


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