Practice Director


Rogier Slingerland headshpt

Rogier Slingerland is the director of the Pension and Investments practice at Alta Via. He is responsible for the strategic growth of Alta Via’s presence in the pension industry, providing cost management insight and tools to funds in the United States and Europe. With a team of highly skilled managerial costing specialists, Alta Via’s Pension and Investments practice helps funds to understand their costs and the cause and effect relationships behind them, guiding them on a path to more efficient operations.


Rogier brings with him nearly a decade of experience in the pension industry, with a strong focus on investments and operational costing. Before joining Alta Via, Rogier was a Principal Partner at CEM Benchmarking, where he was responsible for its business growth and relationship management in the United States, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Rogier holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Miami University, and holds Master’s degrees in Finance and Strategic Management from the Rotterdam School of Management.