Practice Director


Shafer Minnick, Practice Director for Support Services at Alta Via Consulting, brings over 15 years of experience in ensuring that organizations can seamlessly execute their daily operations within a complex and dynamic ERP landscape. Shafer has experience in all aspects of systems blueprinting, design, implementation and support and leverages this lifecycle knowledge to ensure that organization’s consider all aspects of changes related to updating the IT landscape. Shafer continues to work closely with both functional and technical resources from the end user perspective to the C-Suite leaders to ensure the best solutions for organizations deploying ERP products. Shafer focuses on ensuring that the entire offering has been solution architect'd to optimize the business process, maximize efficiencies and drive value to organizations. Shafer is a federal ASMC Member, as well as PMI mentor for junior project managers. Shafer’s unique insight into best practices both public and private support organizations have allowed him to be a featured speaker at Call Center Week and other conferences. Shafer holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Georgetown University and is pursuing Doctoral work at Columbia University.


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