Extracting data from ECC into BW

SAP has provided standard BW extractors to extract Purchasing data from ECC into BW. These extractors can be enhanced on an as need basis. Following are the standard Purchasing LO (Logistics) extractors available under ECC BW standard content:

Alta Via launches proEO for Mindsphere

Alta Via Consulting LLC a MindSphere partner and a leader in Managerial Accounting and Decision Support, today announced the integration of proEO, its best of breed decision support tool, with MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens.

Excel Tips: Go To Special Blanks with CTRL + Enter

Excel Tips

Excel Tips: Go To Special Blanks with CTRL…

Excel Tips: Go To Special

Excel Tips

In the early days of electronic spreadsheets when the interface was primitive and navigation was much more difficult than today, Excel had a handy command called Go To, activated by function key F5.  Go To did exactly…

Excel Tips: Average Logic

Excel Tips

Excel Tip Average Logic

Our last installment we discussed the logical-mathematical functions SUMIF and COUNTIF.  Here we continue that discussion with the functions AVERAGEIF

Banking Industry Myths, Part 5: Customer Behavior is Key

Dan's Blog In the first four parts of this series we showed that two popular banker’s Rules of Thumb are myths that will misinform and mislead management’s decision making. We tested these Rules of Thumb using data from the sophisticated customer profitability management system this author installed at one mid-sized Credit Union, which used advanced ABC costing techniques and monthly transactions by customer.

Excel Tips: Functional Logic

Excel Tips

Functional Logic

In the last two blog posts we discussed the logical…

Right Thinking Produces Right Doing…

Partnership In my last blog we saw that the law of non-contradiction makes it impossible to deny the existence of truth, and, absolute truth in particular. We also saw that this insight is important to management accounting. It finds application in management accounting because operational truths (how real resources are actually used) must form the basis for costing information used in decision making. Where did this epiphany lead us? For the most part, not very far from where we started. It is more like a massive anchor has been driven into solid rock right where we were. Thus we have a starting point to build on. At this point we are still left with the question: how do I get to a cost number I can trust?/p>

Social Responsibility at Alta Via Consulting

At Alta Via Consulting we have a lot of teams and remote workers all operating independently. While email, instant messaging and video conferencing allow for successful collaboration, everyone was in agreement that nothing quite replaces in-person interactions.

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Banking Industry Myths, Part 4: Profitable Without Loans?

 In my last post, we started looking at the banker’s Rule of Thumb that the larger the loan balances carried by a customer the more profitable is that customer.  The chart displayed in that last post, based on customer profitability management information from a mid-sized Credit Union, tended to bear this out, particularly for customers with loan balances exceeding $300k.  However, there are only…

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