Excel Tips 7: Go To Special

In the early days of electronic spreadsheets when the interface was primitive and navigation was much more difficult than today, Excel had a handy command called Go To, activated by function key F5.  Go To did exactly what it sounds like: it would take the user to the cell or named range entered in the Go To dialog box.  I never use Go To much anymore opting instead for the arrow keys, the Page…

Excel Tips 6: Average Logic


Excel Tip Average Logic

Our last installment we discussed the logical-mathematical functions SUMIF and COUNTIF.  Here we continue that discussion with the functions AVERAGEIF

Excel Tips 5: Functional Logic

Excel Tips Header

Excel Tips Functional Logic

In the last two blog posts we discussed the logical functions IF, AND…

Right Thinking Produces Right Doing…

Partnership In my last blog we saw that the law of non-contradiction makes it impossible to deny the existence of truth, and, absolute truth in particular. We also saw that this insight is important to management accounting. It finds application in management accounting because operational truths (how real resources are actually used) must form the basis for costing information used in decision making. Where did this epiphany lead us? For the most part, not very far from where we started. It is more like a massive anchor has been driven into solid rock right where we were. Thus we have a starting point to build on. At this point we are still left with the question: how do I get to a cost number I can trust?/p>

Social Responsibility at Alta Via Consulting

At Alta Via Consulting we have a lot of teams and remote workers all operating independently. While email, instant messaging and video conferencing allow for successful collaboration, everyone was in agreement that nothing quite replaces in-person interactions.

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Banking Industry Myths, Part 4: Profitable Without Loans?

 In my last post, we started looking at the banker’s Rule of Thumb that the larger the loan balances carried by a customer the more profitable is that customer.  The chart displayed in that last post, based on customer profitability management information from a mid-sized Credit Union, tended to bear this out, particularly for customers with loan balances exceeding $300k.  However, there are only…

Driving Change Requires a Lens of Accurate Costs and Profit, Part 1

So you want to survive in today’s business environment?  Create an organization focused on profit that can change quickly!

Doing business today is more challenging than it has ever been in the past.  Corporate mergers and acquisitions have increased dramatically.  Innovation continues at a pace never seen before.  Global partnerships are…

The Cost Of Disconnected Metrics Is Greater Than We think

I'll start this blog with a question. How does Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and all of the various Kaizen events support strategic investments?  We’re building machinery that is more intelligent.  Manufacturing is entering the age of Industry 4.0 with the digitization of manufacturing.  It’s about time.  We have a lot…

Driving Change Requires a Lens of Accurate Costs and Profit, Part 3


In my last blog we discussed two steps that companies can take to align their organization to be more responsive to the changing business world and more focused on profits.  The steps that were discussed, “Develop a clear change objective” and “Develop an Organizational Change Management Air Traffic Control Tower” are essential in any change initiative.  The next steps are essential when…

A Solid Foundation

This blog is the third post in a series on management accounting information for effective decision support. The first blog highlighted why financial accounting information simply cannot cut it when it comes to effective decision support. The second blog pointed out the problems created by method-centric approaches to costing. By method-centric I mean ways of parsing general ledger information into more supposedly relevant buckets of information for decision support. Fortunately these methods often contradicted each other as to the appropriate management action in a particular scenario. I say fortunately because the contradictions forced us to keep looking. And as I alluded to in the last post, help came from an unexpected place—philosophy.

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