Too Much Data – Moving Away from The Almighty Spreadsheet

A customer success story by Natasja Askøe

Are users having problems keeping up with your Agile software deployments? Part 1 of 2

Since 2001, Agile based Scrum IT development has become extremely popular in the software development world.  When managed correctly, the Agile software development approach saves significant time and effort.  Unfortunately, in the process of embracing Agile software development, many organizations have overlooked the importance of incorporating organizational change management into the Agile approach. 


Kill Your Blindspots in 2017 - Excerpt from the Uncertain Times

JP Morgan’s announced at the beginning of 2016 that it was going to replace all of their Bloomberg terminals; the contract value of which is tens of millions each year. This is another unfortunate example of how great companies can still get blindsided by market conditions or competitive moves. Like Montgomery Ward, Sears, JC Penny, and a host of other technology companies, Bloomberg rested on its…

Cost Shop Floor to Top Floor


Customer Success Story by Danie Jacobs

Having been in the in the business of manufacturing for the past 30 years, I always faced the challenge of getting effective business analytics…

Welcome to the Office of the 21st Century Pt.3

No one likes to learn new software. Because, as I’m sure you know, adopting new software is a daunting task. From those countless times staring at the screen saying “where is that one button that does that one thing?” To the administration costs of purchasing the software and training employees to be proficient in its use. Most employees prefer to use Excel as it is prolific software, and that is where Jedox has a distinct advantage. Jedox offers is the ability to use excel functions and spreadsheets in addition to their own functions.

Welcome to the office of the 21st century Pt.2

Most companies are trying to gain actionable information with bits and pieces of excel sheets. In the previous Blog, we discussed the advantages of moving from the OLTP space to the OLAP space. To make this move we will look at converting excel data into a three-dimensional cube.

Welcome to the office of the 21st century

The primary business tool used universally across all companies is Microsoft Excel. Initially released in 1987. A lot has changed since then yet companies continue to use Excel spreadsheets for forecasting, planning, tracking and business management.

Suffering from Data Overload? Here's one thing you may have forgot

Ken, Thanks for your response on my previous blog and perspective in addressing this issue head on. You bring up a great point. How can we trust the data we are getting?

I recently attended an Argyle Executive Forum with many corporate leaders. The key takeaway was:

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A Ghoulish Example of Adaptive Leadership

Convincing the other executives that the company had a problem was easy.  News of the lost contract went through the organization like a lightning bolt.  Everyone knew something had to be done.  The CEO organized the company’s executives and key managers and quickly established a Command Center to monitor the issue and find a solution to the problem. 

During the first Command Center meeting…

Alta Via on CEO Exclusive Radio

CEOXclusiveBeing a mid-market company is hard. Pricing pressures combined with competition against enterprise giants is a constant battle. With these factors, many midsized companies end up facing the “Tyranny of the Urgent.” Narrowing the company's focus. This head down approach makes it very easy to get blindsided. By establishing a command center and looking outside your organization you can predict market shifts. Combine this new information with a cross-functional team to find and remove threats.

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