A Federal client with plans to modernize their IT Portfolio began questioning whether their planned approach was innovative and incorporated industry practices. Alta Via Consulting was engaged to provide guidance on industry best practices and applicability to the Federal Agency’s plans.

Analysis Scope:

Alta Via evaluated the commercial landscape and identified common themes/trends across industry partners. Alta Via’s analysis framed the question based upon the following two evaluation criteria:

  1. What are the largest valued companies doing with their IT Portfolio *?
  2. What are Fortune's Top 20 companies doing with their IT Portfolio?


Alta Via’s analysis of the commercial landscape found the following per assessment criteria:

  1. Criteria 1: Of the companies in scope, all maintained an enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment supporting their business. 86% of the firms used a commercial off the shelf (COTS) ERP and the rest used a long-standing custom-built solution. 66% of the firms using a COTS ERP were using SAP and the rest used Oracle. One of the companies using Oracle did state in April 2021 they would be moving to SAP from Oracle. 
  2. Criteria 2: Of Fortune’s top 20 firms, most used a COTS ERP with the majority being SAP. These companies used supplemental technologies that support their overall IT Portfolio (e.g., Salesforce, microservices, etc.) but continued to retain a core COTS ERP. 


Our evaluation determined that the Agency’s approach to modernization was very much in alignment with industry



  1. Alta Via Consulting’s scope included seven global companies that were valued at $1+ Trillion; One firm recently fell below that valuation but was still included due to constantly changing valuations
  2. While each of this companies use an ERP to support their business, it does not mean that is the only technology used. In every instance, the ERP is supplemented with other technologies (e.g., microservices, other COTS, etc.)