A DoD Agency’s business systems, including large, complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, were in disparate physical data centers, creating unnecessary complexities and limiting the Agency’s ability to centrally manage infrastructure costs. Its legacy approach limited the Agency’s ability to leverage knowledge and lessons learned and rapidly deploy infrastructure for new requirements or scale to meet additional demand.

Alta Via was engaged to provide and deliver a strategic modernization roadmap which included:

  • Acquisition of a Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Design and development of common cloud services
  • Migration of complex ERP business systems from on premise data centers to the cloud environment
  • Implementation of a single platform to centralize cloud management and cyber security support


A DoD agency with multiple, large scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs and multiple, legacy business systems had relied upon disparate data centers, implementing differing technologies to support their immediate business systems.  This fragmented approach created:

  • A constant reliance on contracted resources to support the different technologies
  • An inability to manage infrastructure consistently across the Agency’s various Program Offices
  • An inability to centrally govern IT purchases following a centrally evaluated criteria
  • A limited investment strategy across their Agency’s IT needs, resulting in a constant budget battle across Program offices
  • Duplicative and redundant costs across hardware, software licensing, cyber security, acquisition, and sustainment

Alta Via Consulting was engaged to provide a wholistic view of the current operating environment, including development of a cloud migration roadmap and strategy. This included incorporating the capability and systemic needs of 30+ legacy business systems and six ERP environments, spanning 50,000+ end users, 1,000+ TB of data across 2,100+ servers. Alta Via leveraged its experiences with agile software implementation processes and proposed a rapid, iterative approach to design through deployment.


Alta Via Consulting understood the complexity of challenges the Agency was facing and collaborated with the Agency to develop a roadmap to achieve the key objectives while minimizing the risk of project failure. Coordinating amongst key stakeholders, organizations and internal-service providers, Alta Via developed a Common Tools Architecture across the Service’s tenants, codifying them into architectural structures.

Alta Via recognized the need to categorize the effort into four main workstreams:

  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Data Strategy and Management
  • Common Processes, Services and Tools
  • Technology Modernization and impact to existing business systems

By leveraging its deep bench of knowledge from its Modernization Service, Alta Via developed a framework for execution:

  1. Understand current operating environment to determine what could be re-used
    1. Reviewed baseline business system requirements
    2. Reviewed current business processes and system architectures
    3. Reviewed current contract types and periods of performance
  2. Developed future-state vision incorporating requirements into a Modernized architecture
    1. Designed a common set of cloud services to eliminate redundancy
    2. Designed a single platform to manage the Idea to Value Process Chain and support key capabilities such as Cyber Security, Service Desk, Portfolio/Program/Project Management and Asset Management
    3. Developed an acquisition approach to acquire Commercial Service Provider (CSP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) services
  3. Collaborated and promoted visibility among stakeholders
    1. Engaged with Senior Leaders to get buy-in and secure funding
    2. Developed and implemented an Enterprise Governance approach where stakeholders across all business systems have visibility and voice with changes to new or existing services
    3. Worked collaboratively with business systems to develop integrated Agile Releases and Sprints to develop and deploy common services and support their cloud migration activities
  4. Executed Modernization vision
    1. Worked collaboratively with contracting officers to compete CSP and MSP contracts
    2. Progressed in an iterative approach to gather and incorporate feedback and develop minimum viable services faster
    3. Kept initial set of services simple and practical with plans to increase automation and orchestration


Alta Via’s strategic roadmap and excellence in delivery resulted in the Agency achieving the following key objectives and results:

  • An enterprise approach eliminating the need for redundant contract actions across Programs and a reduction in overall contract and administrative costs
  • The creation of single platform integrating results from complex BPR across ERPs into a converged ERP encapsulating enterprise processes
  • Instantiation of a culture of financial accountability through real-time access & visibility into Cloud cost and usage data, resulting in an immediate savings of 30%
  • A single platform for business-essential services and visualizing actionable metrics and KPIs
  • Improved Agency-wide compliance and audit position via standardized IT security framework and controls

Alta Via Consulting continues to be engaged by the DoD Agency as it continues to evaluate its areas of improvement across business systems, processes and technological environments