A DoD Service requested Alta Via Consulting to develop an analytical dashboard solution that would allow for the monitoring of messages that identified error-state inbound financial transaction from a legacy business system to the Service’s single-source SAP-based ERP accounting system. The end goal was to allow various sub-organizations to identify and resolve the financial transaction errors and record the transactions in a timely manner, mitigating any potential impacts to their financial statements.


Due to the large scale of their operations, the DoD Service was challenged with categorizing the large volume of error messages that routinely occur for a variety of acceptable reasons. Examples of acceptable failure reasons includes failed validations (e.g. checks, completion of mandatory fields, etc.) on the required data, ensuring an auditable paper trail for the transaction.

Leadership requested Alta Via Consulting to develop a customized and automated tool that would give Leadership insight into the number of financial transaction errors (not processed) and their respective transaction amount (financial impact). The legacy processes in place prevented sub-organizations from identifying and rectifying financial errors they were responsible for in a timely manner, in order to remain in compliance with mandatory policies.

Alta Via worked with key stakeholders to develop a data enrichment process to help Leadership identify corresponding financial management (FM) data and provide requisite insights into the financial errors in an organized, traceable and rectifiable manner.


Alta Via Consulting approached the challenge by collaborating with various stakeholders to design a tailored solution that could be deployed with minimal effort in a short timeframe. By employing the standard Waterfall software development approach to project management in an iterative manner, Alta Via identified key requirements, solution limitations and opportunities, documented and reviewed the As-Is processes and leveraged expertise in solution engineering to design a forward-thinking solution.

A key element of the unique design was the creation of virtual data marts (VDM) that combined the failed financial transaction data with the available ERP financial management data from the existing data warehouse.

These VDM’s were rapidly developed using SAP HANA modeling tools and then embedded into existing business warehouse reporting layer. A customized set of dashboard and analytical reports were developed based upon a structure data sources data from the BW reporting layer.


Alta Via’s solution eliminated the DoD Service’s effort to manually compile and analyze the failed financial transaction messages. Alta Via Consulting’s solution utilizes existing data from the data warehouse and is automatically updated several times a day, enabling the Service to monitor and process the error messages in a timely manner and remaining in compliance with mandatory policies and requirements.