Public Sector Continuous Improvement

  • Alta Via understands the challenges that Public Sector Organizations face today.  Increased workload, smaller budgets, limited resources, and a retiring workforce are just a few of the issues that managers need to overcome on a daily basis while ensuring mission critical tasks are completed on time.  Public Sector Organizations no longer have the ability to grow their organizations to accomplish their missions.  They need to be more efficient.
  • Many Public Sector Organizations have used continuous improvement programs like Lean Six Sigma to become more efficient. For some, the programs produced early results, but ongoing improvements have lagged. For others, changes didn’t really lead to consistent, sustainable performance improvements that mattered.
  • Alta Via Consulting simplifies and demystifies how to leverage continuous improvement to focus on mission critical tasks, eliminate resistance to change and drive measurable, proven results.  At Alta Via, we are committed to “Driving Change Through Clarity.”


Step 1 – Focus on Mission Critical Processes: We drive a rapid analytic process to identify and prioritize the mission critical processes that are essential to your organization.  We then focus on improving those processes to ensure the organization is able to accomplish its mission as efficiently as possible.

Step 2 – Establish the Right Leadership Teams: Governance Boards and Program Teams are fine, but with Alta Via, we push the idea further. The members on the team are linked to only the most mission critical tasks and processes.  The cadence they will use is designed to keep everyone riveted on only the most important goals.

Step 3 – Use Performance Metrics to Track Continued Performance: Too often, management only tracks continuous improvement efforts up until the point where improvements are rollout out to the organization.  Attention is then diverted elsewhere to new opportunities and realized improvements often lapse back to the old, inefficient way of doing business.  At Alta Via, we turn the use of continuous improvement on its heading, focusing organizations on one simple principle: you get what you inspect, not what you expect. Establish easy to track process performance metrics and continue to inspect those metrics long after the process is improved and the gains that were realized will be sustained.