What We Do:


The world we do business in is transforming rapidly, from technology and industry shifts to unanticipated crises, like pandemics. Organizations’ business models shift in response and with them their own internal landscape of processes, personnel, information, data, and systems. Alta Via’s holistic services work together to translate business models into accurate reflections within policy, processes, technology, and more. This provides decision makers with windowinto how their organization is creating the very capabilities, intellectual capital, and other key outputs at the core of their mission. However, decision makers are not the only people who can glean these insights.  


Just as individuals leave digital footprints throughout their daily activities, so do organizations. These small footprints are the bread and butter of advanced analytics. The digital footprints are pieced back to together into a digital twin – the virtual reflection of a real-world entity – and augmented with other information for a holistic picture of the entity in question. And just as this digital twin helps individuals get more tailored benefits from their Apps and accounts, its also sold and control and results in privacy lost. The same thing happens with organizations. Accurate digital twins are core to achieving robust analytics and informed decision making across your organization. Those insights are incredibly valuable, to you and your competitors.  


Alta Via combines unique disciplines, ranging from national security to accounting, in order to identify where and how insights into an organization’s capabilities can be gleaned – often in unsuspecting areas. We then apply proprietary methodologies and frameworks to help leaders make informed, holistic decisions about ensuring good visibility to those who need it and limiting visibility for those who don’t. This goes beyond network security, though that is vital, and looks that the entirety of the organization’s internal environment combined with the real-world context they find themselves in.


Digital Twin



Take control of your digital twin. Where to take on risk should be an informed decision, not an accident of the landscape.



How We Do It:
  • Gain understanding of your core business model and its internal manifestations: From policies to data fields, we begin to understand how your business model is being reflected within your day-to-day internal context
  • Analyze your internal environment and your external environment: Begin to marry best practice approaches from diverse disciplines and proprietary methods to identify areas of highest risk.
  • Develop Comprehensive Courses of Action: Actionable, measured, and informed steps to mitigate risk, increase analytic visibility to those who need it, and develop a sustainable discipline.


  • Understand how your business model is manifesting and creating your digital twin – vital to taking your analytics and decision making to the next level.

  • Recognize where there may be risk for a competitor or insider threat to use information in ways you may not have intended to see your intellectual capital and capabilitiesDeliver holistic, full-scope solutions to mitigate risks and increase visibility to those who need it.

Case Study 
Alta Via began working with a large federal agency to build its digital twin over a decade ago, when the client began designing and deploying major ERPs. First brought in as subject matter experts in cost and financials, Alta Via worked with every organization to understand what capabilities they contributed to and in what ways. At the most basic level, what resources they used to create their outputs, how they did this, and why.
However, at the outset, the creation of the client’s business enterprise was highly fragmented and profoundly decentralized. Because of our holistic offerings, Alta Via was asked to begin working across systems and organizations to reconstitute their business landscape into a cohesive picture. 
As the client’s business technology and analytical offerings matured, concern about protecting insights grew. Alta Via’s multidisciplinary experts shaped the creation of and acts as the primary advisors on the resulting Data Protection initiative. The goal is to enable the client to take full advantage of their business environment for mission enablement, while applying capability protection best practices at every step. 


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