SAP’s next generation of software takes advantage of multiple technical advances: columnar in-memory databases, merging on-line transactional and analytical processing, unstructured data, personalized user experiences, and rapid deployment through Traditional, Cloud or Hybrid platforms. 

S/4HANA is optimized to help businesses take advantage of IoT (Internet of Things), as well the emerging practice of Predictive Analytics.

As their literature states, “SAP S/4HANA is designed to drive business innovation with simplicity by connecting people, devices, and business networks in real time to support the development of new business models.”


Readiness Assessment

To understand how to get to where you are going - you need a roadmap. But a map just points the way, and sometimes even alternative routes to get there.  However, it does not assess if you are ready to go.  And like many adventurous people, you can still set off for the journey; however, how well that journey goes and whether it was worth the effort it took to get there depends on how ready you are. Whether it’s a driving desire or a burning platform forcing the trip – readiness is a must.


Our in-depth S/4HANA Controlling Readiness Assessment provides your organization with a clear roadmap & the decision points to optimize your Controlling implementation:

  • A review of your existing Controlling implementation
  • Through S/4HANA CO functionality reviews with management and users,  a task & output driven view of your CO vision for S/4HANA will emerge
  • Conduct assessments of the gaps in data, training, and skill sets to necessary to  achieve your vision of the future
  • Final Work product: A preliminary roadmap of how your organization can achieve the its vision for Controlling in S/4HANA

Contact Dawn Sedgley at dsedgley@altavia.com or 214-649-2582 to discuss how Alta Via can facilitate the implementation of your vision for Controlling in S/4HANA.

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