Discover SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC)


An Introduction to SAP PLC

Companies today are highly focused on providing innovative, customer-driven products at the most competitive prices. Being able to quickly assess costs is not only a critical success factor; it's an essential differentiator. With the SAP Product Lifecycle Costing solution, which is powered by the SAP HANA platform, you can calculate costs quickly and precisely and simulate and compare alternatives to gain better visibility and control throughout the product lifecycle.

The SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC) is the solution Designed for Profitability and enables organizations to: Accelerate time-to-market for New Product Introduction; Reduce lead time from Quotations; Drive Cost Optimization for New and Existing Products; Easily create Calculations, Simulations, and Versions; Integrate with ERP, PLM, Excel and Business Objects. 



Further Information

Developing new products is a team effort that involves engineering, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, and of course finance. Achieving profitable design is even more challenging without the right solution in place to combine the right master data with inputs from engineering and finance. Discover SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC):