Profit Driven Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

This market is tough. Acquisitions are increasing as money remains highly available and cheap. Reshoring, and new global partnerships require execution at the highest levels. New ways of partnering are stressing old processes and systems. Innovation continues at a frenetic pace. Shareholders are demanding higher profits.

Companies are uncertain how to proceed. Many have used continuous improvement programs like Lean Six Sigma to obtain a competitive advantage. For some, the programs produced early results, but ongoing improvements have lagged. For others, changes didn’t really lead to consistent, sustainable performance improvements that mattered on the bottom line. 

Alta Via Consulting simplifies and demystifies how to leverage continuous improvement to focus on critical strategies, eliminate resistance to change and drive measurable, proven results to the bottom line. We call it, "Profit Focused Continuous Improvement." At Alta Via, we are committed to “Driving Change Through Clarity.”


Step 1 – Focus on Profit Opportunity: We drive a rapid analytic process to link costs more accurately to activities in strategic areas of opportunity.

Step 2 – Establish the Right Profit Driven Leadership Teams: Governance Boards and Program Teams are fine, but with Alta Via, we push the idea further. The members of the team are linked to the profit pursuit, and the processes and cadence they will use is designed to keep everyone riveted on the top opportunities and the attainment of the business case.

Step 3 – Use Profit Drivers and Profit Measures as the Yardstick: Too often, continuous improvement programs track low-level metrics with little to no way for the management team to identify the impact on the customer and the bottom line. We turn the use of continuous improvement on its heading, focusing companies on one simple principle: you get what you inspect, not what you expect.Inspect the profit drivers and profit metrics, and you’ll get profit.