Organizational Change Management


OCM – Organizational Change Management

Alta Via realizes how challenging it is to be in the Public Sector these days.  Overcoming diminishing budgets and resource constraints is a constant challenge.  Departmental reorganizations, new technology, increased oversight, new process and procedures and a retiring workforce are just a few of the obstacles that make it almost impossible for an organization to accomplish its mission these days.

At Alta Via we know that People are the key to success.  Our Organizational Change Management practice can:

  • Help an organization align its resources with budget constraints to accomplish its mission.
  • Train the people in the organization to understand new computer systems such as SAP and master new business processes.
  • Capture institutional knowledge from retiring resources and transfer that knowledge to new individuals.
  • Work with an organization to coordinate activities more effectively by developing a robust communication management plan.

At Alta Via, we facilitate a dialog across the organization that identifies the top opportunities for change.  Your organization will not be overwhelmed with multiple organizational change management initiatives.  Focus will be placed on just the initiatives that matter...opportunities that enable your organization to accomplish its mission goals.