Enterprise Architecture and Governance

Enterprise Architecture

Our approach to Enterprise Architecture is driven by our assessment of the business drivers behind your need for an Enterprise Architecture. We then implement a structured EA framework that returns value rapidly. Example of common EA deliverables include:

  • EA Strategy and Work-plan that guides the development of enterprise architecture
  • Architecture Concept of Operations and Standards/Principals that further defines the focus of the enterprise architecture
  • Regular EA Maturity assessments to measure the architecture program’s effectiveness
  • EA models and artifacts across the various aspects of the enterprise including strategic, business, application, data/information, and technology
  • Enterprise Transition Plan that provides major requirements to achieve the Target State architecture

Enterprise Strategy

Our approach to strategy is to implement a framework that enables organizations to tie strategy to execution. Tying strategy and execution together helps you realize strategic goals around the application of enterprise architecture and governance. Our Enterprise Strategy services map your organization's key processes, capabilities, systems, and investments to your strategic vision to inform strategic investment decision-making. Examples of typical Enterprise Strategy deliverables include:

  • Target Operating Model that best supports the strategic direction
  • Strategy map that illustrates the relationship between strategy and other organizational elements including processes and capabilities
  • Performance measurement map that identifies key performance indicators to assess the performance of the activities identified in the strategy map
  • Strategic scorecards that measure the implementation of the strategy

Business Capability Planning

Alta Via’s applies business capability planning services to guide the execution of strategy. This is done by assessing the business capabilities and implementing and enabling the IT resources required to achieve the plan. The process begins with an assessment of the organization's strategic environment. We apply this analysis to support and defend business cases for investment with clear, defined, and justified goals. Examples of business capability deliverables include:

  • Business capability map that presents the full suite of capabilities needed to fulfill the mission
  • Business and IT capability roadmaps that highlight the strategy and requirements to achieve the target state
  • Capability scorecards that measure the maturity of a business capability to achieve the target state
  • IT investment business case analysis to demonstrate the business value

Portfolio Management

Alta Via supports organizations implementing their business strategy through selection and execution of programs, applications/systems or projects.  Our approach utilizes a framework that balances risk and returns enabling organizations to support data-driven approaches to portfolio management. The intent is to execute the right projects to achieve business and transformational goals and strategies. Examples of portfolio management deliverables include:

  • Application portfolio rationalization that identifies IT assets for the target state
  • Portfolio assessments that illustrate the health of the portfolio
  • Strategic portfolio evaluation methodology to enable prioritization
  • Annual portfolio management reviews and reports required by governance organizations

IT Governance

 Alta Via’s focus on evaluating organizations goals and business strategies, management structures, and operating models, to support the definition of effective frameworks and govern information technology assets.  Our IT Governance services systematically identifies who makes and contributes to IT decisions within an organization. Our clients effectively support alignment of capabilities, resources, and IT assets to achieve desired organizational outcomes.  Example IT governance deliverables include:

  • IT governance and management maturity assessments
  • Governance Concept of Operations that describes how the organization will implement the selected framework
  • IT Performance Management framework

Enterprise Architecture Infographic