Enterprise Architecture: Case Study

Client’s Current Environment:

Our DoD client was facing pressure to:

- Achieve an auditable business environment

- Reduce the cost of business operations

- Simplify its complex information system environment

The agency was managing and financially responsible for over 80 applications in its portfolio, with minimal understanding of what capabilities each application supported, the data dependencies, and criticality of the application. The organization was also in the process of implementing a complex ERP platform that would provide significant opportunities to consolidate applications.

Alta Via’s Approach:

Alta Via immediately identified a gap in the Client's understanding of their portfolio. Our Consultants helped the client rationalize its portfolio through a comprehensive enterprise architecture and portfolio management approach to governing and managing IT investments. In order to identify the unnecessary complexity and redundancy in existing information systems, Alta Via conducted a rigorous review and analysis of the portfolio. The AVC team assessed the portfolio data collected to identify a target portfolio that would be less complex and achieve Department-wide objectives. The remaining systems’ capabilities were reviewed, resulting in an appropriate transition plan for each capability. This entailed transitioning to an enduring system, such as the emerging ERP, or subject to elimination through business process re-engineering and IT governance.
An additional outcome of Alta Via’s approach to using enterprise architecture to achieve portfolio rationalization was the identification of additional enterprise capabilities that required new financial investments. The resulting portfolio information provided the necessary inputs to create a compelling business case for each investment opportunity. Alta Via Consultants utilized custom developed metrics to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative benefits of consolidating redundant applications into a new enterprise solution. Based upon the Return on Investment metric assessed against each enterprise capability, Alta Via developed target roadmaps that described the sequencing and priority needed to achieve the target state. By aligning these roadmaps to the Client’s organizational objects, Alta Via was able to provide the Client with a clear and concise value proposition for each new investment. This value proposition package was used by Management to justify the funding necessary to implement new investments. 


- Reduced information system portfolio by 20%

- Provided clear strategy and plan for organization to reduce portfolio by an additional 75%

- Secured project funding to deliver future enterprise capabilities