Support Services

You’ve gone live, why do you still need consultants?!

Over the past 30 years, nearly every mid to large size firm in every sector has considered implementing or has implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.  Now is the time to realize the full benefits of your implementation. Three main areas are frequently cited as contributing to  not realizing all the benefits of an ERP implementation:

  1. Lack of adequate change management
  2. Rapid data migration leading to poor quality in data cleansing
  3. Poor knowledge transfer

Alta Via’s  Team of experts is here to help support you after you’ve gone live because we are experts in all phases of the implementation and the post go-live lifecycle.

Maximizing ROI: Partnering with the problem solvers

Alta Via is a different kind of consulting firm, we don’t think of ourselves as consultants and we aren’t tied to a specific methodology or technology application, We are your partner in problem solving. We succeed when you succeed. We know that success isn’t simply checking the boxes on a project plan. We know that as your business landscape changes, you need to be able to rely on a partner that will allow you to maximize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Alta Via is your nimble partner that will stand by you and help you ask the right questions to identify the problems and solve them with you.

Bringing all the pieces together: Taking Barriers and Making them Enablers

It is often said that there are four main inhibitors to improvement:

  1. Technology
  2. People
  3. Processors
  4. Physical Infrastructure

Alta Via believes that our job is to take your organization’s weaknesses and make them your strengths. We will work with you to give you the tools and processes to put all of the pieces together and optimize your firm’s bottom line.

The Alta Via Consulting Process:

Our approach is simple: merge strategic planning and execution, and establish Key Performance Indicator’s to measure results and make adjustments as needed. Our support teams work to understand the day-to-day issues beyond the requirements or the audit findings and pinpoint the circumstances that led to their creation. We donot come in with a cookie cutter solution, we start with an assessment of your organization’s responsibilities and mission objectives, then we review the current and future landscape to work with your team to ensure that we are giving you the most comprehensive solution to succeed today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Back to Basics: Learning to play in the sandbox

We all learned in grade school that we need to play well in the sandbox, right? Sometimes when we get caught up trying to serve our customers we forget that we all need to play nicely with each other. Alta Via believes in starting with the basics and defining the correct domain to ensure that each stakeholder knows who to touch and when:

  1. Enterprise Domain
  2. Enablement Domain
  3. Application Domain
  4. IT Support Domain

What Makes Alta Via Consulting Different:

We have developed our own Center of Excellence that allows our clients to touch Subject Matter Expert’s in each of these domains to make your organization’s ERP go-live successful. Additionally, Alta Via can help you maximize your firm’s ROI during implementation because we have the knowledge for your organization to succeed on a day to day basis, as well as direct contact with the ERP developers to ensure we are maximizing your technical platform. Furthermore, we can help you realize the benefits of your ERP implementation better, quicker, and faster by partnering with you at all levels to help you pinpoint specific stakeholder needs. We have a proven track record of ensuring that our client’s understand whether they have opportunities for efficiencies internal and external to the ERP system, ensuring those opportunities are designed correctly the first time to eliminate re-work and minimize total cost and then incorporating the solutions in daily operations to maximize results.

Who Can We Help:

We have partnered with a variety of organization’s to optimize their operations after various ERP deployments. Some of our more recent efforts include:

Multiple organizations within the U.S. Army:

  • The Business Process owner for the largest financial ERP in the U.S. Army: Supported deployment operations and continue to serve as both business process SME’s and provide elevated HelpDesk support to over 30,000+ end users across the globe
  • A U.S. Army Organization: Served as the business process SME’s during deployment to over 70,000 end users; Continue to serve as both business process SME’s and elevated HelpDesk support
  • A U.S. Army Organization: Serve as both business process SME’s and elevated HelpDesk support to over 4,500 end users
  • A U.S. Army Organization: Alta Via was asked to serve as the premier business process and deployment consultants at one of the newest organizations within the U.S. Army. Our team provides business process expertise, deployment guidance and end-user support to over 19500 end users