SAP Business Intelligence



Following SAP’s strategy, Alta Via offers two major approaches to Reporting and Analytics: Using a data warehousing modeling application (BW) and Native HANA Platform. Alta Via provides consulting services for both these offerings. Our consultants use the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Methodology for implementation. ASAP is a proven methodology for implementing SAP solutions in a cost effective and speedy manner. In addition, Alta Via also offers post implementation support for SAP Business Warehouse and Business Object reporting solutions. This SAP support solution includes first level customer support to answer questions related to reports and identify data issues related to data load failures. We have the expertise to identify and provide solutions by enhancing existing reports or re-architecting the solution to better fulfill business requirements.  


Business Warehouse (BW)

BW is a SAP’s data warehousing, modelling, and management application and is currently used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies for reporting and analytics. The latest version of SAP BW can run on a HANA database which is SAP’s in-memory technology. Alta Via offers services in migrating old BW environments to newer BW environments, as well as re-architecting existing designs. This includes the review of existing info providers, BEx Queries, and their redesign in a newer environment to leverage new functionality and the HANA technology benefits. Alta Via also provides consulting services on integrating Business Object Tools with BW to support self-service reporting using Webi, Crystal, and Analysis for OLAP and Data Discovery and Exploration tools such as Business Explorer.

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Native HANA

SAP HANA is an in-memory platform that is deployable as an on premise appliance or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that is best suited for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications. The current offering of SAP HANA specializes in Real-time analytics and applications. The Real-time analytics covers Sales Reporting, Financial Reporting and Master-Data Reporting. Operational Reporting covers Core Process accelerators which includes CO-PA Accelerator, Finance and Controlling Accelerator, Sales and Operational Planning, ATP Calculation, Margin Calculation and Business Objects Planning and Consolidation.


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Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Today’s challenging business environment requires data from multiple systems to be integrated and consolidated for enterprise wide reporting for various reasons including enhancing one’s competitive edge and maintaining excellence in customer satisfaction. In the current environment there is a greater need to effectively exchange data between multiple systems to improve efficiency in the supply chain and support company’s financial objectives. Our Consultants, besides having knowledge of SAP BW, also have extensive experience in data integration from multiple SAP and Non-SAP systems to create an Enterprise Data Warehouse. We have the technical expertise and understanding of business terminology to provide data extracts between multiple data warehouse systems to meet reporting needs of the customers from multiple transactional and reporting systems. Our consultants have the expertise in SAP delta mechanisms, Open Hub, Excel File Loads, and Business Object Data Services (BODS) for data transformation, integration, and exchange between SAP and Non-SAP Applications (e.g. Teradata, OBIEE – Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition).    


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