What We Do: 

Technology Business Management (TBM) is tool to enable Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform. Reform that will enable federal agencies to have visibility into IT spending, improve IT acquisition and provide transparency of IT costs. Alta Via has a unique skill set with decades of IT costing experience and Federal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, along with a unique understanding of data protection. These experiences position Alta Via to be a thought leader in best practices for TBM implementation. Our resources understand the history of the federal policies and have an in-depth knowledge of the TBM taxonomy and how to develop costs models using TBM. With Alta Via’s help a client can successfully implement TBM and truly understand their organizations IT costs providing leadership the information necessary to make resource informed decisions.


How We Do It:

Engagement & Communication → Active stakeholder engagement with a clear partnering and communication strategy. Defines the “what’s in it for me” value proposition and how each organization should be engaged to enable the transformationWe ensure all internal processes and policies are updated and each stakeholder’s information is properly aligned to the TBM taxonomy to ensure a smooth and effective implementation. 


Governance → Inform the establishment of a robust IT Governance structure to better evaluate IT investments, their alignment and value to the core mission and business units. Or leverage TBM data to improve governance of IT resources. 


Data & Taxonomy → Identification of source system data, necessary standards or improvements to that data, and alignment to the standard taxonomy. This is an exercise to: 1. Analyze current data from source systems 2. Identify and enact standards to improve the entry/collection of source data 3. Extract the new and improved source data 4. Transform the data to align to the taxonomy 5. Load the data into our proprietary costing tool to inform leaders on the true cost of their operations 


Define the IT Product & Services Cost Mode Development of the IT Products and Services Model is the process of associating resources to functions, functions to services, and services to consumers through the layers of the taxonomy. Once the IT Product and Service hierarchies are built, the association of dollars and operational metrics can occur based on a set of defined business rules. 


Develop Costing Model Business Rules → A set of rules used to transform the raw source system data into the model to generate cost, unit cost, and consumption for each of the IT Products and Services to generate IT cost transparency. 


Present Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, and Reports → Key performance indicators to help measure how well the product or service performs such as the percentage of IT projects delivered on-time and within budget. Metrics might include things like the unit cost of storage. Reports can include TCO of applications or budget vs actual by IT tower or investment. 



Anton van der Merwe, Principal at Alta Via Consulting and expert in managerial costing and IT and Todd Tucker, author of the book Technology Business Management, discuss and debate the TBM approach to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT spending and investments to their business partners and ensure IT is able to drive innovation for the organization.