What We Do:


As the technological landscape evolves, organizations are investigating market offerings in hopes to either modernize existing enterprise solutions or execute a full digital transformation. Alta Via provides a roadmap to evaluate your organizations modernization needs by integrating our technological expertise, our partnerships, and our client’s unique business processes together. Alta Via’s IO Lab is our propriety and transformative approach to providing organizations with a scenario-driven, rapidly deployed, and agile-managed prototyping environment assisting leaders in visualizing their goals and target state.
While traditional software demonstrations provide a basic avenue to learn more about a product or spotlight an OEM, the question as to “Will it work for my organization’s unique data and processes?” still persists. In building out your customized environment, IO Labs works with your organization to gain an understanding of your business and organizational goals and align them to a target-state vision.
Our technical experts will evaluate service offerings against your organization’s goals and objectives, recommend the appropriate tools, and carry out the set up and initial configuration. Once executed, Alta Via will develop and deploy an environment accessible by your organization for evaluation of operational, technical and business-driven scenarios. This environment will provide the infrastructure and software specifically tailored to facilitate your organization’s hands-on evaluation of new technologies to address your mission and objectives.


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How We Do It:
  • Gain understanding and Identify key opportunities → As a means of modernization for your organization, through the analysis of legacy business processes and customer/user pain points.
  • Build a Representative Business Model → Using familiar data, processes and even applications, construct the Interoperability Capability Lab technical landscape and provide access to your enterprise’s key resources
  • Support Business Process Reengineering (BPR) → Through vendor-recommended best practices in a live environment which would inform process owners and demonstrate a modernized user experience
  • Provide →  A refined and hardened core requirements necessary for implementation without customization
  • Validate configuration of native out-of-the-box processes and industry best practices as a de-customized reference model to critically analyze if any customization is need and why, as a starting point for the long-term solution.
  • Deliver an environment to demonstrate proof-of-concepts and prototypes with enough configuration and data to inform requirement generation and hardening
  • Provide a representative business model used to provide organizations with a simulation environment to test and validate potential business capabilities and their impacts



Case Study
Alta Via Consulting was engaged by a large DoD organization to propose, create and deploy an innovative and nimble technology environment, allowing the organization and its technology partners to demonstrate proof-of-concepts and prototypes against a representative data model. The Client’s immediate goal was to deliver an environment with ample configuration and data to be leveraged as the they begin their requirements generation phase. 
Alta Via’s IO Lab’s team was leveraged, in conjunction with resources from our various other Alta Via Practices, to develop a methodology to assess Infrastructure and software to do market research and analysis on interoperability of various tools in the market place. Our SME’s reviewed the marketplace and categorized software products and toolsets according to various customer-centric criteria, including the ability to deploy in an agile environment. 
Alta Via coordinated with software vendors, established partnerships, and integrated a suite of tools into a custom-built landscape. Our IO Lab’s SME’s facilitated demonstrations and “art of the possible” type conversations all rooted in a familiar data model using familiar process processes and practices. In doing so, the Client will be able to execute real-world scenarios reflecting on-the-fly process, data and structural changes and decide on optimal configurations to achieve their mission.


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